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Old Fashioned

“Hey barkeep, set me up a whiskey cocktail — the old fashioned way.” If you were ordering an Old Fashioned in the late 19th century, it might’ve sounded something like that. The original “cocktail” was simply a combination of a spirit, sugar, bitters, and ice. Then, as “cocktails” gained popularity in the mid 1800s, bartenders began modifying the “cocktail” by adding fruit, twists, liqueurs, and other garnishes to put their mark on the drink. (Sound familiar?) Yet some sophisticated imbibers preferred the original, old fashioned way of making a “cocktail”. Hence, the Old Fashioned was born. Here at B&K, we make our Old Fashioned the old fashioned way: whiskey, sugar, and our proprietary bitters.You simply provide the ice to pour it over.  (And if you want to add an orange twist or cherry, we don’t judge.)

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